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22 Oct 2012


Over the course of the campaign, I’ve been proud to receive the endorsements of some important groups with whom I have worked during my four years in office.  I was endorsed by the Delaware State Education Association

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18 Sep 2012

Seven Weeks to Go

There are exactly seven weeks until Election Day.  That is not very much time, my children throw clothes behind their beds that we don’t find for more than seven weeks.  So for those who have been waiting until the home stretch to start volunteering their time for the campaign, the home stretch has arrived.  If you like making phone calls, we have calls to make.  If you like stuffing envelopes, we have envelopes to stuff.  If you like eating pizza, we will get you some if you stuff enough envelopes.

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23 Aug 2012

Scenes From An Announcement Tour

If you are a regular visitor to our web site, you’ve seen plenty of pictures from our three-county announcement tour earlier this week.  (If you haven’t, you can see them here).  But as always, the unexpected is to be expected during one of these frenetic three county tours.  Monday was no exception.

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