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My friend Beau Biden surprised all of Delaware, including me, by announcing that he would end his bid for re-election as our Attorney General, and would instead focus his attention on running for Governor in 2016.
Many people have urged me to consider becoming a candidate for Attorney General this year. It has been a hard decision, partly because I really like the job I have right now.  I am proud of the work I have done as Delaware's Lieutenant Governor and Insurance Commissioner, working to help small businesses, improve our schools, protect consumers and to look out for Delaware's children, and I hope that the state is better for my time in those offices.
But as I have thought about it and talked it over with my family, I’ve realized that the Attorney General’s office would allow me to take a leadership role on some issues that are critical to our state, while still staying involved in the issues involving Delaware’s children that have been the core of my work over the last six years.  The Attorney General, as the state’s chief law enforcement officer, must be someone with the judgment, impartiality and will to prosecute and punish those who have violated the laws of our state. He or she should also possess compassion for our most vulnerable residents, a respect for all citizens of our state regardless of their background, and a vision to prevent crime from occurring by combining smart crime prevention with a commitment to providing Delawareans with real opportunity and hope.  I believe that I possess these traits. That's why I have filed to be the Democratic candidate for Attorney General of Delaware in 2014.
As Insurance Commissioner, I took on insurance companies to preserve the rights - and sometimes the lives - of Delaware consumers.  As Lieutenant Governor, I worked to improve our public schools and to protect Delaware’s most vulnerable children.  I have also seen firsthand, as chair of the state’s Criminal Justice Council, the challenges that crime presents to our state’s future. If elected Attorney General, I would continue my efforts to serve and protect Delawareans, and would confront some of the critical challenges we face in this state, including the violent crime, particularly in the City of Wilmington, which is devastating families, neighborhoods and our state's reputation. I look forward to discussing these topics in the near future.



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